Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Middle Sister's Kitchen?

We are a locally owned and operated Canmore business that creates healthy, convenient, prepared meals and sweets that you simply need to take home and reheat.

When are meals prepared? What is the shelf life? Can we freeze them?

We are preparing meals daily Monday to Friday. There is no set schedule for what we are making daily, we base this on sales and orders. Shelf life is 4-6 days and will have an “enjoy or freeze by” date on the bottom. Most items are freeze-able with the exception of salads and rice noodle rolls.

Can we eat in Middle Sister's Kitchen?

Sadly no. We are a small shop with no seating. Our business is prepared meals to take away and reheat yourselves.

Can you heat it up for us?

No, we do not offer hot meals. We don’t even have a microwave on site. Our business model to simply prepared meals to take away and reheat. This allows us to keep our prices down as well. (If you happen to show up after we have finished cooking something, it may be available hot…it’s all about timing!)

How much does it cost per person for dinner?

The average person will cost about $9-15/meal, depending on person and appetite!

Do you deliver?

We delivery upon special request,  please call the store for more details. We do not have the menu to order online as items are moving quickly. By phoning us (after taking a look at the menu online first) we can let you know what we have available and what we are making that day. Extra delivery fees will apply.

Are you a gluten free/nut free facility?

We are not gluten and nut free. Our food is produced in a kitchen where nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, and wheat (gluten) are used. While we make every effort to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that foods have not come into contact with one of these, or any other allergens (either in our kitchen or a processing facility). If you have severe allergies, please talk to us about it prior to ordering as we take allergies very seriously.

That being said, we only make a few items with gluten flour. These items are made when no other food is exposed and proper cleaning is done afterwards to minimize risk of contamination.

Where do you purchase your produce and meat?

We use as much organic and/or local produce when and where possible. All of our meat is from Alberta free range farmers.

Why do you consider your meals healthy?

We use the freshest ingredients possible in all of our meals and sweets. We do not use any preservatives and nasty ingredients. All of our meals are made with low sea salt but lots of flavour from spices. We think that you can always add in your own salt and extra heat (spice) as needed.

What do you use for packaging?

Most of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable when empty and cleaned. The only exception are the pouches that our granola's and a few of our cookies come in. We are working to find another solution for these items. They can be recycled in the city, but sadly not in Canmore yet.

Ready made meals for you to take away & heat! Our cooking and baking is made from scratch and focuses on small batches. By using fresh ingredients, our menu selections for the week will vary based on availability and quality of ingredients.

No in house dining or seating available.

Middle Sister's Kitchen ~ Feel Good Food Middle Sister's Kitchen ~ Feel Good Food Middle Sister's Kitchen ~ Feel Good Food Middle Sister's Kitchen ~ Feel Good Food Middle Sister's Kitchen ~ Feel Good Food Middle Sister's Kitchen ~ Feel Good Food